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Dent Repair Colchester CT

Dent Removal is a highly skilled process; many consider it an art, for removing minor dents and dings that have not compromised the paint. This type of damage is typically the result of door dings, bumps with shopping carts, and hail. Hail damage is typically covered by the comprehensive portion of your insurance policy. Most shallow dents; up to several inches in diameter, can be successfully repaired with PDR as long as the metal and paint are not stretched or compromised.

The Dent removal technician spends a minimum of 6 months being trained the proper techniques to remove dents. The technician uses a wide variety of tools including body picks, steel rods, and glue to attach special pulling tabs. The repair is fine tuned by knocking down high spots, flattening the metal, and shrinking the metal. Repairs can be done to both steel and aluminum panels. When our experienced technicians have completed their work, you will not be able to see any evidence of a dent repair Colchester CT, dent repair Marlborough CT & dent repair Salem CT.

Capitol Auto Body has seven convenient locations to serve you. Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions you have and to provide you with a FREE repair estimate. Please call or stop in to let us know how we can be of assistance to you proudly serving the Marlborough CT, Colchester CT and Salem CT