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Auto Body Repair

Auto Body Repair is typically all repairs to a vehicle short of severe damage caused by a collision.  If you had a minor fender-bender, backed in to another car or light pole, or even hit a deer; chances are your car needs some conventional auto body repairs.  If the repairs are being handled through an insurance claim, Capitol will guide you through the process, handle the claim with the insurance company, and even arrange for a rental car to be delivered to you.

Typical repairs include fixing hoods, bumpers, scratches, and dents of all sizes.  Our technicians are trained and certified to fix your car.  We have an industry leading paint matching system second to none and we only use top quality paints that conform to the manufacturer’s specifications.  Paint is applied in a downdraft heated paint booth to ensure a contaminate free finish that is properly dried and ready to face the world.  When the repairs are complete your vehicle will look like it had never been damaged.

Capitol Auto Body & Collision Center is here to serve you.  Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions you have and to provide you with a FREE repair estimate.  If you are looking for professional auto body repairs, please give us a call, stop in or fill out the form to your right.